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Sunlight- part 3

More News of Embracing Islam and Blessed Marriages

Macma Johor successfully conducted a Syahadah Ceremony for Miss Gladys Tan Siok Ling and Mr.Loh Wei Hon on the blessed historical day of 1 st February 2005 at No.37,Jalan Beladau11, Taman Puteri wangsa, Johor Bharu. Witnessed by over 25 fellow Chinese muslims and followed by lunch.

On 5 Mei 2005 (triple five), another double celebration or blessings/baraka of Allah be upon them for this gathering hosted by Johor Macma such listed as below;

a.Mr.Alim Lam
ü Park Keong (syahadah of Islam)
b.Mr.Ariff Loh Wei Hon (akad nikah-getting
ü married)

c. Br.Izuan Koh William (marriage ceremony on 2 June 2006)
d. Marriage of Br.Redzuan Ong Chain Choon (31 August 2006 - Happy Merdeka!)

e. Syahadah of Br.Adam Lau Sie Kiat (31 August 2006-good company)
f. Receiving visit of 50 New Muslims from Penang on 25 December 2005.

All those great events and good news will not be smooth or possible and by Allah Will and guidance upon the whole leadership of Macma of Johor State as listed below:

Haji Johari Chang - Chairman (Longest serving since 1998)
Adam Koay - Dep.Chairman ( Senior engineer)
Mohammad Saiful Bahri Choo (
ü Secretary )
Norhayati Eng ( Ass. Sec)

Muhammad Firdaus Onn (Treasurerü )
Haji Azman Lim ( veteran member and ustaz )
M.Sharul Lai, Mohd
ü Ilham Tiong Tai Seng, Azlin Lee, Yusof Bu.

Last and not least, thanks for Hj.Johari Chang for hardwork and support to host the 12 th Macma annual General Meeting at Hotel Puteri pan Pacific of Johor Bharu, a four star hotel at the city centre on 29-30 April 2006 inclusive of Taaruf Night on 29 April and National Chinese Muslim Convention in the morning of 30 th April 2006.

More News of Chinese Become Muslim Elsewhere

Br. Wee Hock Beng embraced Islam on 18 October 2006 Balai Islam Lundang in Kota Bharu witnessed by more than 250 saudara baru. On 23 th February, 2006 was another beautiful day for Br.Ang teck Ann from Wakaf Baru,Tumpat when he uttered infront Ustaz Taufik Tee the double Affirmation-' Ashadu an la ilaha illa Allah, wa ashadu anna Muhammadur RasuluLlah-the Key to iman and its fruits is the Garden.". He was accompanied by his uncle who still not Muslim and known in the town as Dr.Ang from Chong's dental surgery and his cousins..presence to give moral support to him ( he is an adult orphan) which rarely happens in the past. Br.Johari Yap had posted several of the photos of Islamic syahadah thru the email groups. Jazaka Llahu. Why such Dates :. Yes, the Chinese had a knack for liking number eight (fatt-ong-blessed) and number six (luk-precious), but talking about Feng Shui is just an extra dimension to our iman and Tawhid in Allah who created everything in this universe for man. But forgot our root from the Realm of Unseen- the arwah/spirit which affirmed Allah as our Master-Lord in the ayat Quran - " Alastu bi-Rabbikum ? Qala bala- Syahidna"

The Secret Wisdom of Number Seven

Every number has hidden meanings and wisdom in it. One upon a time, we just joked with a china man, why not choose seven ( chat-7). It is close to meaning - Chi/Knowledge/Wisdom and another meaning - Being Straitgh / Siratal Mustaqim and being Fast/Forward. We as muslim need all this Fast to acquire Iman, fast/quick to Pray 5 Times a day, quick to get Married. Quick to pay Zakat and perform Hajj if ready and have money. Don't wait, then you will miss the chance and the World/dunia will engulf us, make us forgot the rules of Sharia. Being istiqamah also meaning being Firm and Steadfast.

In fact, Sayyidina Ibnu Abbas, a great Companion, alim and savant of Islam as quoted in the book- Hilyatul awliya wa Tabaqat as-sufiyya mentioning 10 virtues or honors that Allah dealing and using the seven numbers in His Creation. Surah fatihah - 7 verse. One week got 7 days etc. The Garden-Jannah has 7 degrees.. Anyway, at the end of the shining iman ceremony, the Hui in China called Islam _Qing Zhen Jiao ( Religion of Shining Truth and Most Pure), Br. Muhammad Rafi Ong provided light lunch and drinks for those who witnessed the growing brotherhood of Islam in the East Coast of Malaysia. Marhaban ya Marhaban. SalatuLlah .. salamuLlah ala Thaha Rasulillah. Wa alihi wa ashabihi wa li-kulli daiyyan li'Llahi Rabbil-alamin.

Those interested in getting first hand news and pictures of this blessed occasion can contact Kelantan Macma Sec. Br.Johari Yap or visit their office at No.4374-B, Tingkat 1, Jalan Kebun Sultan, 15359 Kota Bharu, Kelantan, been declared an Islamic cultural City by Chief Minister YB Dato' Hj Nik Aziz in 2003. There are many 'First Achiement' in term of da'wa for and by the Chinese Muslims in Malaysia such as below:

a. First to appoint a native Chinese
ü muslim Dato' Hj.Anuar Tan
as Exco in State Assembly and win the Kota Lama ADUN for second time.
b. First to engage two Imam from China to lead Ramadhan prayers.
YB Nik Aziz was known to have Chinese blood/lineage from Yunnan.
c. First State Government to approve a piece of urban land.
for da'wa center. Agree to build an Islamic Center/Mosque using Islamic architecture.

d. Biggest amount of zakat received RM100,217.(in 9 Mac 2006) from Affin Bank Berhad.
e. First Macma Branch to organize Free Medical and Dental check-up services in their monthly programme.
f. First to organize the 1427 Maal Hijrah Forum with JHEIK,and ABIM .
g. Largest membership at state level above 200 members and some cannot speak Chinese due to strong local dialect and third/second generation inter-marriages.

Not to be dishearten or discriminated, we will publish more pioneering da'wa work by various Macma State brances in future reports especially about Sarawak Macma - the richest branch and got their First Women Chairman and employed a full time Chinese Mubaligh , a graduate of International University of Malaysia ie. Salman Khan from Jakarta. This branch is richest and owned a four storey building and a First Donation or Waqaf by a non-Muslim local philantrophist one Mr.Lee, old businessman from Kuching city.

More will come and as we strive in the Path of Allah.
Maas salama, cai jian.

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