Monday, January 5, 2009

Separation or Gatheredness

  • One shaykh said the flood in the time of Nuh was one of water and in our times it is the flood of separation between each other.

  • Make it a jihad to battle against the forces that conspire to keep you separate, to isolate, and these forces are pervasive, recognize this and however difficult.

  • Eat together, travel together, talk, TALK!, read poetry to each other, laugh, cry, pray together remember Allah with enthusiasm together. Share your pain and your joy with each other while you can.

  • Drink in your differences! When your red flag goes up with the stranger you've met, give it some time, some patience, don't tune out or walk out, see who he is.

  • Give and take from each other and be with each other. Listen to your wives and your children, just listen to them!

  • This is medicine, insha'Allah.

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