Monday, January 5, 2009

Sunlight - part 2

Important Contact , Dialoque and Activity

A delegation of Macma Exco led by Dato' Mustapha Ma had a constructive ongoing dialoques with the current President of International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) ie. Tan Sri Sanusi Junid in 2005. This resulted in IIUM agree to conduct several lectures and courses for30 young Imams from China in 2004-2006, partly organize by Macma and JAKIM/ILIM. A number of China muslim students at the university also regularly helping Macma to give talks, attend seminars,and interact with fellow muslims at Hari Raya gathering. Maintaining websites, give counsels, editing news/magazines
We shall give appreaciation to names as below:

Hasan Ma Liwu
ü Yuan
Lan Chunlian
Yusuf Ma Zhan Ming
Ma Shen Qing
Isa Ma
ü Zhiliang
Ilyas yang Fale
Khalilullah Ma Bin

A joint Ramdahan Iftar Programme in October 2006 were plan at the Gombak campus for about 200 students. A IIUM student Dawud Hai Ping was instrumental in running the Islamic Mandarin class every Wednesday night at Macma office in KL. Hj.Ismail Chong, a lecturer in Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Da'wah Faculty had voluntary take over the Monday Class from Br.Daniel Hakim Boey in Mac 2006.

Chinese Islamic Arts and Trade Exhibition

Substantial progress were made by Haji Redhuan Tee to propose the building, usage and design of a Chinese Islamic Cultural Center/Surau/Mosque in the Ampang area west of KL to serve as tourist attraction, da'wah service center and for educational use.

In Sarawak, attempt were also made to apply for a vacant land plot at Kuching for an Chinese-islamic center. Alhamdulillah, the Bintulu Macma Branch had received a government grant of RM150,000 to build a Madrasah/Center for new muslims using Chinese design at cost about RM600,000. New funding has to be raised. Macma also appealed to Penang Government and YB Prime Minister to preserve or create a token Koay Jetty Heritage Center/Building which traced its Muslim-Hui community roots arrival and assimilation of its cultural-economic origins from Hainan/Quangzhou about 100 years ago.

Macma also received strong personal support from Mufti of Negeri Sembilan to acquire a piece of land in Rahang for islamic da'wa center for new muslims and non-muslims. A Tabung Amanah Pembangunan Macma (Building Trust Fund) was established in 2005 with initial contribution of RM60,000. Any wealthy, kind hearted rich and generous Chinese businessmen/philanthropists can donate to this fund with tax-exempt status to raise the future well being, noble-purity of Chinese Islamic heritage and Divine living transaction of the deen for mankind. " True charity-Righteousness is not to turn you face to East or West. But to believe in Allah, His Rasul, the Angels, the Books and the Last Day, and to Spend in the Path of Allah".

The Shining Light of Iman - Oldest Lady Grandmother Age 97 To Embrace Islam

If we truly reflect in our life journey and after reading tons of newspapers and magazines, where do you find this piece of news ? In East Coast Kota Bharu, Kelantan- a grand old lady aged 97 years (born in 1909 from China ?) Maryam Goe embrace Islam in 9 February 2006. To appreciate and honor her great trust and certainty and the iman put in her deep being by Allah Tabaraka wa Taala, Dato' Mustapha Ma on behalf of Macma proudly donated a humble wheel chair for her use and mobility. May Allah also bless all her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren with strong iman and islam to survive into the next generations.'

Keep your ancient and noble Chinese surname together with Muslim names, so that our grandchildren may remember our great struggle and sacrifice in discovering and entering Islam despite differences and many obstacles in language, cultural and historical backgrounds'. Do we know that Admiral Muhammad Zheng He is the 27 th generation of Sayyid prophetic family descendants that entered China and intermarry there several hundred years earlier than Islam reach the Malay Archipelago or Nusantara. There are several Mosques in China built more 1,000 years ago ! In Imperial City of Beijing alone, there are more than 20 mosques ! and a muslim population of more than 200,000 !. ( Puny figure of one masjid per 10,000 people).

May be some of us young intellectual can submit this rare unique syahada of Islam by Madam Goe aged 97 into the official Malaysian Book of Record ! Find me another old man/woman aged 98 years to break this record...anywhere in the world. " And call people to the Way of Allah by His permission (Decree/Mercy) and become a Shining-Guiding Light to others"-Quran.

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