Monday, January 5, 2009

Sunlight On The Chinese Muslim In Malaysia- part 1

We are suppose to be on official duty at Malaysian Parliament House near Kuala Lumpur Lake Garden that afternoon. Somehow there is a strong urge to visit the office of Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association (Macma) at 250D, Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur about 4 km away. We rang up and Mrs.Maswani Chung who served as da'wah cum executive officer answered my salam. 'Please drop by to catch the new muslims activity'.

Recently Macma held a successful Da'wa Exhibition plus Chinese Islamic Calligraphy in State of Terengganu inaugurated by Dato' Idris Jusoh. Alhamdulillah , with the dynamic, noble and dedicated leadership of Dato' Hj Mustapha Ma, Dr.Fuad Yeoh, Hj.Redhuan Tee and Ann Wang Seng, in 2005 and 2006, more than 6 chinese muslims declared their syahadah and warmly accepted into the growing unique community.

Branching Off and Expanding It Wings

Macma was established in 1994 with about 100 members under the founder President arwah Dato'Hj.Sulaiman Hon. Now they have branches in Johor, Kedah, Kelantan, Pahang, Selangor, Perak and across the South China Sea into Sarawak with a total of 1,300 members inclusive of associate muslims and non-muslims membership. The Weekly Night Class on Understanding of Islam on Monday in KL was open to public of various races and foreigners interested to know Islam deeper and cultivate a stronger brotherhood. The students consist of young Chinese professionals, Filipinos, Sarawak natives, Indian, French, English, Russian, Hui-Uighurs, Pakistani, American, African and even a Maori and Korean/Japanese students ! .We would like to dedicate this excellenet prayer-doa from the Prophet s.a.w related by Companion Ibn Abbas ( in as-Shifa p.41) to all those who seek knowledge and truth in order to live according to the Divine Command and in the footsteps of Rasul al-Mustafa :

"Oh Allah, I ask You for mercy from You
By which my heart will be guided,
My scattered affairs joined together,
My affairs put straight, my unseen part put right,
And part of me that is visible elevated,
My actions purified, by which I will be inspired
To right guidance, my intimacy will be returned ,
And by which I will be proctected from every evil,
Oh Allah ! I ask You for good outcome (husnul-khatima)
In the Decree (Qadha'), (to gain) the food of Martyrs
The life of the blissful and victory over my enemies!"

Achievement and Recognition of Da'wa Works at State and Federal Level

All praise and thanks to Allah, various individual Macma leadership and active members were being recognized and appreciated by the state and federal government for their active da'wa contribution by organising and giving talks at seminars, mosques, interfaith/intra-muslim groups and at the college-universities. We wish to record and congratulate their recipient awards as follow:

a. Malaysia Maal Hijrah 2005 Recognition Award (Penghargaan) with RM50,000 gift to Dato'Hj.Mustapha Ma (Macma President) by the Majesty King/YDP Agung and he gladly donated the whole sum for da'wa.

b. Federal Territoty Maal Hijrah 1427 Awarad to Hj.Redhuan Tee (Vice President Macma) by JAWI (Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory)
c. Hj.Shaharudin Leong of Pahang - State Maal Hijrah Award 2005.
d. Mr.Saiful Choo- Johor State Maal Hijrah 2005 Award.
e. Dato' Hj.Anuar Tan as Exco member of Kelantan State Government
f. Hj.Redhuan Tee as National PERKIM Council Member in 2004-2007.
g. Dr. Fuad Yeoh as IKIM Board of Directors.
h. Dr.Osman Chuah as Senior Lecturer in UIAM/IIUM.
i. Dr.Syukri Yeoh- finishing his Ph.D thesis with UKM on Islamic Studies.

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