Thursday, September 13, 2012

Numbers and Letters, Where The Substances ?

Once upon a time politics invaded the realm of language, invaded the word and stayed there. And once it invaded politics it went for the economy. 

For a long time, it’s no longer a matter of shifting material things anymore, of deciding the fate of the human, animal or plant kingdom (whether or not to chop down trees, for instance). 

Now virtually everything is decided in the realm of signs, of numbers and letters. Hence the return to the world of childhood: here in Europe we believe lines drawn on paper aren’t just lines, but the difference between wealth and poverty.

Commentary By Zuigan of Dalian Nur Institute 2012 @rzq123:

First, they created the Bank both National/State and in private hands.

Second, they created the Constitution and Parliment to take power over kings and rulers.

Third, to finance the State and Economy, they Print Paper Money and Bonds(Debt/Credit).

Fourth, the State create Laws to Tax the People and Business.

Fifth, after the Economic/Fiat/Usura System collapse/failures....

they will FORCED to return to Real Money in Gold, Silver, Commodities Divinely commanded in Islam. 

O Muslims of the world...wake and take the freedom to Obey Allah and His Rasul in matters of Sharia and Sunna.....abandoning the 'kufr ribawi democratic monopolistic system'....!

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