Friday, September 14, 2012

Libya and Egypt After Spring Revolution Worse

Submitted by Ianus (Poland), Oct 23, 2011 at 16:40

Gold price today at 56,884.32 USD/kg. So LIBYA GOLD at 144 tonnes = worth about US 8.19 billion ! or RM26.2 billion.
Leaving aside that comedy of exporting democracy to Libya on the bayonets of the anonymous "rebels" and in NATO bombs and rockets one would like to learn what has happened to such an "undemocratic" thing as Libya's gold reserve assessed at 144 tons , i. e. the 25th biggest gold reserve in the world ?! One of the main 'sins' of Qaddafi , beside inviting the Chinese oil companies to Libya and refusing to participate in the NATO Africa Command, was his idea to issue gold dinar as an international currency that would have defeated the US dollar by the simple fact that since 1971 no gold has supported the US currency while the Libyan dinar was to be in gold.

Now with Qaddafi's death and the rebels free to establish "democracy' ( no doubt the same sort of democracy we know from Gaza or Afghanistan) we shouldn't forget about the gold and the ancient curse of gold. Where is it? In Fort Knox already or in the pockets of the so called "rebels" and their sponsors from the Moslem Brotherhood, al-Qaeda and/or the CIA ?


Last week, Morsi's government officially begged the IMF for a $4.9 billion loan. Egypt's Prime Minister, Hesham Qandil described the 5 year loan to be paid back with 1.1% rate as a good deal for the country.
The Prime Minister appeared live on Egypt's state television in a desperate bid to justify the loan not by explaining its benefits to the people, as he knows very well that the IMF is an international vampire that sucks the blood of the people, strengthens the economy of the Western powers and props up rulers allied to the West. Instead, he chose to emphasize that Egypt would somehow have the upper hand over the IMF in how the money is to be spent. He said, "It is Egypt that will mainly have the authority when it comes to how these funds will be spent."

However, he was unable to conceal the truth and in his follow on statement, he contradicted himself and exposed one of IMF's stipulated conditions, which is to force Morsi's government to cut spending related to looking after the affairs of the Egyptian people. He said, "It is an Egyptian programme that will work on cutting and spending and adopting certain other measures."