Sunday, April 1, 2012

What Is Freedom and Iman ?


Not holding on to anything of this world

To be like Earth, it receives everything
including dump and gives as return life and riches

To believe Allah is Ar-Razzaq,
as one believes fire burns, job or no job

To feel no pain holding on to burning coals
and crawling over ice for Allah

To not betray the Ur-form of man and realise
the gestalt of an eagle is destroyed
when it is forbidden to hunt

To care less whether rich or poor,
in practice to not care at all

To leave the management of all affairs to Allah;
to depend on Him, rely on Him and on Him alone

To live with no financial anxiety

In the collaborative couple who support each other
in their project for justice (beyond family)

To live a dead man taking death for a life companion

To finish planting a seed, that was commenced,
even if the Last Day comes

A journey that never ends



(by Hasbullah Shafi'iy from Tumasik Trade Network, Singapore)

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