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Live for Allah. Die for Allah. Obey your Amir-Sultan

Sohbet given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Hakkani el-Kibrisi.Tuesday 2 Shawwal, 1427 / October 24, 2006. Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center, New York.

An incident happened. It just fits to you and to me to understand the story of a man who was still in the way of Allah and who was keeping the orders one hundred percent. Only one thing he did.


In the time of Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan (Jannat Mekat), during the last
days when there was confusion everywhere and Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan
is almost alone. He doesn’t have too many helpers around. So many helpers
became betrayers and he cannot trust them. And among some of them whom
he was trusting there was one general in the army, high level general.
Mehmet Aqif Ersoy is saying, he is giving the story how it happened.
He said that after the Sultan passed from this world, Khilafat was
removed and curse started coming down on mankind. When the Khilafat is
removed then curse is coming anyway. You don’t need to hear it for
yourself. Non-stop curse is coming down to mankind saying, “You are
the ones who removed the Khalifah.” And curse is coming down. From
that time until now. That’s why we are not accepting their system,
their democracy-hypocrisy system. Anyone who is accepting that, it’s
showing that they don’t want the Khalifah, they don’t want that
ruling. That’s why they are praising democracy. The Khilafat, that’s
what Allah wants.


So Mehmet Aqif Ersoy is saying, “Every morning I go to Sultan Ahmet
Mesjid, mosque, Jamii. I go early in the morning and next to the
Mihrab I see an old man. His hair and his beard is complete white,
snow-white. He is continuously crying. Anytime I am going I finding
that man crying. From the outside I am seeing that he is the first one
in the mesjid. But he is continuously sitting, making tesbih and
crying. One day I came near him and I said to him, “Oh holy one, why
are you crying so much? Are you cutting yourself from the mercy of
Allah? Is that why you are crying? The mercy of Allah is coming.” He
(also) said, “Oh, you are looking at outside and what they did (by
removing the Khilafat.). What a foolish thing they did. That’s why you
are crying.”

He (the old man) said to him, “Don’t make me speak. My heart will
stop.” He said, “Please Speak. Say.” He said, “I will tell you.” He
said, “I was a high general in Sultan Abdul Hamid’s (Jannat Mekan)
time. My parents passed away. In the area of Izmir we had so much land
and farm. So I sent my resignation letter to the Sultan asking for him
to acquit me from the army. And Sultan right away send me the message
back saying, “No, we cannot afford to send you away anywhere now.
There is a big problem waiting for us and I need a couple of people
like you. So I will not approve what you are asking.” He said, “I was
sad. But we had so much work to do. One day I needed to go to Istanbul
and I said to myself, `Now that I am here, let me go to visit the
Sultan.’” He said, “Because I had a big authority, I could just go and
visit him.” The Sultan’s door at that time was open early in the
morning for everybody. Not even the Mayor open the door today for
people. The door of the Ottoman Sultan was open. People were coming
and complaining, asking and saying. This was in the worst time.


So he said, “I came to the Sultan. He was sitting on his table. He
looked at me and he put his head down. He was not looking at me
anymore.” He said, `Your Majesty, I sent you a letter’, and instantly
he said to me very strongly, `I sent you the answer back.’ He said,
`Yes, that’s why I am here now to ask you because this is the excuse I
have.’ The Sultan was shaking his head. He was not looking at me and I
asked to be released again. So he just raised his head, looked at me
so strongly and said, `So what can I do?’ He said to me, `What can I
do? You are asking so much? Go away.’ He released him. Finished. The
Sultan just waved his hand like that. In our tradition, if someone
speaks to you and says, “Okay, go”, it means, “I am not happy with you
anymore”, and they move the back of their hand to you. When they say,
“Go with blessings”, it’s like this, with the palm of the hand towards
you. But when it’s with the back of the hand, in proper manner it
means, “Get lost.” He said, “That action just finished me. But what
can I do? I cannot take that back anymore too, and I came.”


“Very short time later, so many incidents happened that I understood
why Sultan didn’t want me to be released.” He said, “But one night I
saw a dream. In the dream I saw the Ottoman Army. They were all in
straight lines. All generals were in front of the army and Sultan
Abdul Hamid Khan came and he was saluting them. And the Prophet (sws)
was standing in front of him and he (the Sultan) was saying, “Ya
Rasulullah, the army of Islam is ready. As you like. Give order. We do
as you like.” He (the old man) said, “Everyone was seeing the Prophet
(sws) except me. When I was looking from far I was seeing the Prophet
(sws) like a moon, shining. But I couldn’t see the Prophets (sws). But
the Sultan and all the army were seeing the Prophet (sws).”

“And Prophet (sws) looked at the army from the beginning and he came
to the end and the battalion, the group at the end was supposed to be
under my authority. But I wasn’t there. So all the soldiers were very
sloppy. They were not in order. The Prophet (sws) looked at the Sultan
very strongly and said to the Sultan, `Ya Sultan! Where is the general
of that group of people?” And the Sultan put his head down saying, “Ya
Rasulullah, that one wanted early retirement. I didn’t want to send
him to early retirement but he asked several times. So I couldn’t say
`no’ to him anymore. So I sent him to retirement. I sent him away.”
The Prophet (sws) looked at him and said, “Ya Sultan! The one that you
send away, we are also sending away from our association.”

He said, “After that day, I never slept at night. I am crying non-stop
but I am not seeing any dreams. After that day I left everything. I
left all the belongings to the people. Allah is sending my sustenance
but I lost. I didn’t see the Prophet (sws) and after that I have never
seen any good dreams anymore.”


This is not a joke. This is real. Real-real, if you understand what
that means you will cry a lot then. If you don’t understand then you
are a donkey. What can we do? The way you live, that’s how you will
die. The way you will die, that’s how you will be raised. This is
hadis-e sharif. If you keep Allah priority then Allah keeps you
priority. If you keep Allah second class then you just finished
yourself. Allah is never second. If the whole world says, “We keep
Allah second”, Allah is not second. Allah is first. It is a blessing
for man just to understand (the favor of) Allah’s granting permission
to man to praise Allah. As Sheykh Mevlana is saying, “Live for Allah.
Live for Allah and die for Allah.” It is a blessing to you. And Allah
is asking then, “What does My servant want? Give it to him.” And when
you say, “Ya Rabbi, I want, I want”, He says, “Whatever you want. When
you are in My service I give you everything. You say that you love me,
I love you and I am yours too. I am in your service.” Allah is in our
service. What service do we give to Allah? What do we do, huh? Just
getting up and going up and down. Is that the service we give to
Allah? Does that fit to His Majesty?

He gives everything to us and we cannot give anything back. The only
thing is just to keep His orders, to try to keep His orders. Then you
are honoring yourself. Allah is granting you more honor all the time.
Anyone who leaves Allah, who runs away from Allah, they are losing
their honor in Dunya and they are losing their honor in Akhirat. This
much is enough for you and for me. No? Also for me, and for you, and
for `X’. Are you sleeping `X’? Or did he leave? Do you get it now?
Hmm. Anybody who takes it, takes it to themselves too. Anybody who is
saying, “This sohbet does not include me”, it’s okay. You don’t have
to say IT. Just keep it inside to yourself. Look what happens.


Priority is Allah. If you are not living for Allah then Allah is
saying to us, “If you are not opening your hand to ask from Me, what
is your value?” Understanding? He says, “What is your value?” Value of
a donkey or a horse, or an animal? No. He is saying, “No. Not even
that because that animal is valuable. You, those who are not keeping
Allah priority have no value in Dunya and Akhirat. You can give them
as much titles as you want. It’s only temporary.” They are saying,
“Retired. Take that name from the table, take out the uniform, go home
and wait to die.” Retired. That’s what it means. So all titles are gone.

Yesterday there was a General in Turkey, the General of the whole
army, the head master. The man had all power in his hand. Last month
he was the General. This month the uniform is out, everything is out
and he is just a normal person in the streets. Finished. All power is
gone. He cannot even go back to his office anymore, that office which
he was occupying. He could’ve turned the country upside down if he
wanted. He cannot (even) enter to that office (now). Finished. Titles
are gone and everything is gone.

Whatever he did for Allah in that station that’s what he won. If he
did something for Allah then he won. If he didn’t then he lost Dunya
and he lost Akhirat. This one at present now, the same thing will
happen to that one. This one at present in this country, the same
thing will happen to that one. To everywhere. Don’t look at how many
people are saying `mashallah’ and cheering. No. How many days? How
many years? Four years, five years or ten years? Eight years. Not more
than that. Later, go home. After having all that power they cannot sit
home too. Big problem then to them.

So be happy with what Allah has given to you. If you are happy with
Allah then Allah is happy with you. If you are not happy with Allah,
you are not going to bother Allah because you are not happy with
Allah. But if Allah is not happy with you then disaster is waiting.

Wa min Allahu taufiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.

(Note: When Turkey was cheated and forced to use paper money and banking by western powers. this poison of riba,debt and democracy eventually bring the khilafate down....)

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