Monday, April 9, 2012

Gold Exchange Paper Trade Fund in Singapore

Welcome to SPDR Gold Shares (Launched in 2006)

1. SPDR Gold Shares offer investors an innovative, relatively cost efficient and secure way to access the gold market. SPDR Gold Shares are intended to offer investors a means of participating in the gold bullion market without the necessity of taking physical delivery of gold, and to buy and sell that interest through the trading of a security on a regulated stock exchange. The introduction of SPDR Gold Shares was intended to lower many of the barriers, such as access, custody, and transaction costs, that have prevented some investors from investing in gold.

2. SPDR Gold Shares represent fractional, u ndivided beneficial ownership interests in the Trust, the sole assets of which are gold bullion, and, from time to time, cash. SPDR Gold Shares are intended to lower a large number of the barriers preventing investors from using gold as an asset allocation and trading tool. These barriers have included the logistics of buying, storing and insuring gold. In addition, certain pension funds and mutual funds do not or cannot hold physical commodities, such as gold, or the derivatives.

Master Izi Commentary:

a. Beware if they offer you to buy paper gold. You may lose your 'money' anytime.

b. It means they can sell unlimited 'quantity' of paper gold or 'shares based on moving gold price'.

c. Are you an investor or buyer ? You may lose both ways if not careful !

d. It seems that they are replicating the old way of cheating your 'real gold' by promising to pay 'interest/guranteed profit' if your keep your gold with them/bankers. More sophiscated names will be better to confuse you.

e. If you read the current free media - there are 100 times traded gold fund/paper in the world than the real gold trade( physical delivery/stocks today). So 99% gold paper fund are just like shares stocks, have no relationship to true gold buying and selling to take possession.

f. In islamic ruling...all these are riba based financial trading and dubious instruments to increase paper wealth, manipulation, power and control over real gold and silver production/trading.

g. JP Morgan and HSBC control about 80% of world silver traded fund ! Then you know why and how they cheated you by opening up more funds in friendly states under their domination.

h. Alf Field (op.cit.) is talking about the „seven D’s” of the developing monetary disaster: Deficits, Dollars, Devaluations, Debts, Demographics, Derivatives, and Devolution. Let me add that the root of all evil is the double D, or DD: Delibetare Debasement. In 1933 the government of the United States embraced that toxic theory of John Maynard Keynes (who borrowed it from Silvio Gesell). It was put into effect piecemeal over a period of four decades. But what the Constitution and the entire judiciary system of the United States could not prevent, gold did. It was found that gold in the international monetary system was a stubborn stumbling block to the centralization and globalization of credit.


  1. Their founders names for you to check-

    Left to right: Albert Cheng, Director,
    WGC (FE) Pte. Ltd.
    Stuart Thomas, Principal,
    Exchange Traded Gold
    Bernard Reilly, Senior Managing Director,
    State Street Global Advisors
    Heng Swee Keat, Managing Director,
    Monetary Authority of Singapore
    Hsieh Fu Hua, Chief Executive Officer,
    Singapore Exchange
    Hon Cheung, Managing Director,
    State Street Global Advisors, Singapore

  2. We are also seeing big money moving gold they own out of the banking system and into the vaults outside of the banking system. People are simply not trusting the banks.

    This is what we’ve been arguing for a long time. As long as you keep your gold within the banking system, you do not know who the gold belongs to. The gold could be encumbered. It could belong to a central bank. It could be double-counted by the bank. This is why the smart money is taking their gold outside of the banking system and securing it in separate vaults. We are also seeing large money flows into physical gold right now.

    It should also be noted that the tax in India was repealed. So, it’s expected that demand for gold will be very strong in India as well. Chinese imports of gold can only be described as massive right now. The Chinese and the Indians will continue buying physical gold. The manipulation in the paper market has created strong demand everywhere. This is why people should ignore the paper manipulation.”

    When asked about silver, von Greyerz responded, “Right now people are scared of silver. We don’t see the same type of activity in physical silver as we have seen in gold. That’s understandable because volatility will sometimes make market participants take a step back.

    We still believe that silver will move faster and higher on a percentage basis than gold. It is just not a metal for the faint-hearted. At some point silver will break through the $35 to $37 level and the rise will begin to accelerate once again.”

    Von Greyerz also added: “I have been totally consistent about the big picture. There is no chance for the world to survive in its current state with the credit bubbles and the overspending. The money printing is just around the corner from the Fed and from the ECB.

    It is critical for investors to stay focused on the fact that there will be continued money printing, regardless of what kind of propaganda central planners are putting out there. It will happen. Without that money printing, there will be no banking system and central banks know this. We will see, very soon, unlimited money printing.

  3. Chris Whalen continues:

    “So Europeans, who have the wherewithal, of course they are going to flee to gold. They are going to flee anywhere where they believe they can preserve principal. I hear the same concerns from US investors by the way. So if you are looking for havens, where can you go? You can go into physical gold and take delivery.

    There are lot of people doing this now because they look at the gold market, the ratio between outstanding contracts and physical available for delivery and they don’t like it. They actually want the gold in their vault. So there has been a boom of building (vaults) in Switzerland, Asia and other markets where you can take physical delivery of gold in your own name. That’s not a good sign (in terms of confidence in the system).

    When people are actually fleeing markets and they want to take delivery of the underlying, you know you really have a panic on your hands....