Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Anti-Dinar Professor Dr.Zubair Hassan ,2008

                                                           WE reprint here the ' propaganda and crude attack' of an international islamic university professor in 2008 paper entitled: Is The Return To Gold ( Dinar ) Possible ?

1. This paper shows that the recent euphoria in Malaysia to introduce Gold Dinar as money in Muslim countries is DEVOID OF REASON.( A serious accussation by Dr.Zubair that past muslim ummah before the advent of kuffar imposed paper money in the 1900s that uphold the muamalat/fiqh/hukm/shariah of dinar dirham money are wrong...without intellect..cannot think ? )

2. Despite the destablizing potential of the current (ribawi) monetary arrangements in the world, the return to gold is NEITHER DESIRED nor PRACTICALBLE. ( Dr.Zubair desire what...of haram over the halal muamalat ? Riba-banking-fiat money is practical therefore desirable ? )

3.The Dinarists, as some prefer to characterize the proponents, are PALPABLY asking for the MOON. ( To accuse the Dinar activist as mad, go to the moon or take the moon).

4. It is ARGUED here that the introduction of gold money in Muslim countries is in NO WAY AN ISLAMIC IMPERATIVE. ( Whoaaaa...he makes his argument and opinion OVERIDES the command of Allah : Trade is halal and riba is haram ).

5. And (he predict) if enforced (who in power then), the SYSTEM (what in his mind ?) is LIKELY to END IN A CHAOTIC FAILURE. ( Allah know best and have power over everything...beyond what the kuffar and munafiqun thinks....subhana rabbika rabbi izzati amma yasifun...).

6. SAGACITY, not EMOTION, must guide PUBLIC POLICY. ( When Dr.Zubair is confused...we all are forced by sagacity to follow his opinions....? Do the muslim ulama and imam use EMOTION to arrived at Shariah/Sunnah application ? )