Thursday, July 26, 2012

Keep Company With Rumi

Keep company with people of spirituality, receive kindness and benevolence as well as spiritual strength; stay young, robust and healthy with divine love.” 

“This soul that is in the flesh, if it is unaware of love, is like a wooden sword in its sheath. As long as that wooden sword is in the sheath, it will be presumed worthy, useful; when it is drawn from its sheath it is only worth burning.”  

“If it is of wood, go and look for another sword. If it is o f diamonds, then spring forward with joy. A diamond sword is the weapon of the saints. To see this is alchemy for you. It is a spiritual strength...”   

“Whether you are a very hard stone or a piece of marble, if you find a man of soul, you will become a jewel, namely an emerald, a diamond. 

Place the love of those pure saints in your heart. Do not give your heart to anyone except to the love of the wise.”

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