Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jom Boikot Carrefour : Wang Kita Di Guna Sokong Israel

7 Jun 2012 By Vacy Vlazna : Ini dia bukti laporan dari barat....

France is Israel's largest European weapons supplier which as David Cronin points out is "at variance with the Union's decade-old code of conduct on weapons exports. Formally declared legally binding by EU governments last year, the code forbids weapons sales in cases where they may exacerbate regional tensions or where there is a strong likelihood they will be used in violation of human rights."

Charles Edelstenne, who by the way is also a director of Carrefour, is chairman and co-founder of Dassault Aviation, a major military supplier, which has a stake in Thales, a French multinational company that turns over more than $22 billion in revenue in Aerospace, Space, Defence and Security markets annually. Heron TP aircraft are built by Dassault Aviation and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) which was founded in 1953 by Shimon Peres and is owned by the government of Israel. Le Figaro, France's second largest national newspaper is owned by Dassault. Lagardère, a French conglomerate with defence and aviation interests, owns the Paris-Match magazine and part owner of Le Monde, Xavier Neil, is a partner of Israeli company, Golan Telecom whose controlling shareholder, Michael Golan made 'aliyah to Israel in 2007 'as part of his Zionist vision'.

Former President of France, Sarkosy (as well as Blair) is a personal Bernard Arnault, Europe's 4th richest man, who controls the luxury goods empire of Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH) which also owns the French cosmetics chain Sephora and has stakes in the Carrefour supermarkets and in De Beers Diamond Jewellers Limited.

Sephora operates 269 stores in France and more than 1,400 stores in 27 countries. It retails the AHAVA Dead Sea products that are produced in  Israel's illegal colonies. EI blogger, Adri Nieuwhof points out that "Ahava uses Palestinian natural resources without the permission of or compensation to the Palestinians. Meanwhile, Israel denies Palestinians access to the shores of the Dead Sea and its resources, although one-third of the western shore of the Dead Sea lies in the occupied West Bank."

French BDS activists have been targeting Carrefour supermarkets deshelving "Israeli agricultural products imported in France by the Israeli company Mehadrin, which  is an essential tool for the Israeli policy of colonization of the Palestinian territories. Most of the products come from Israeli settlements, including from settlements located in the Jordan valley where 7,000 settlers have taken over 95 % of the Palestinian farmer's lands and have ensured the control of 98 % of the water.  As per international law, and in particular as per the IVth Geneva Convention, the activities of Mehadrin are criminal."

Israeli Textile giant, Delta Galil also supplies Carrefour. It's boss, Dov Lautman is an associate of Ehud Barak and a staunch Zionist. He a member of the Jewish Agency's Board of Governors since June 2002 and a member of the Jewish Agency Executive. The Jewish Agency was established by the World Zionist Organization (WZO) in 1929. "It acts as agent of the government in assigning land to Jewish colonists" in Occupied Palestine.

From 2009 until 2011, when it hit a financial slump, Israeli billionaire Nochi Dankner's Koor Industries Ltd held a 3% share stake in Carrefour. Former president and CEO of Strauss Group Ltd (which actively supports the vicious Golani and Givati elite brigades), Erez Vigodman joined Makhteshim Agan Group in January 2010 which is 40% owned by Danker's Koor Industries. Maketish Agan is a pesticide factory located in the Ramat Hovav industrial zone that pollutes its environs with hazardous waste including Wadi el-Na'am, a village of more than 5,000 Bedouins. "In a 2004 study commissioned by the Israeli Ministry of Health found a high rate of birth defects among children living in the vicinity. In August 2006, Ben Gurion University epidemiologist Batya Sarov, formerly a specialist at Chernobyl, compared the environmental monitoring and health risks to Chernobyl."

Ada lagi barangan dan brand jenama yang sumbang wang kepada Regim Yahudi :

LVMH also has the jewellery lines of TAG Heuer, Chaumet, Christian Dior Montres, Zenith, Fred, Hublot, including the joint-venture De Beers Diamond Jewellers Limited. In 2012 Nicky Oppenheimer sold the family's 40% stake in De Beers after its long and lucrative relationship with Israel's diamond industry which still continues.

Patrick Galey, in his article "Israeli Blood Diamonds: The Global Coverup' reveals the close connection between the Israeli diamond industry and the Israeli military. " Israeli economist Shir Hever, in evidence given at 2010's Russell Tribunal on Palestine, said that it was the Israeli Defense Forces, among other organizations, that most benefited from Israel's lucrative diamond business."

"Overall the Israeli diamond industry contributes about $1 billion annually to the Israeli military and security industries," Hever told the Tribunal. "Every time somebody buys a diamond that was exported from Israel some of that money ends up in the Israeli military, so the financial connection is quite clear."

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