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Cerita 3 Sultan Nusantara dan Wang Shariah


Saturday, 28 April 2012 10:09
In the last 100 years the progress of Islam has been presented by "islamizing" Capitalism - on one hand, and obsession with personal morality - on the other. In the process the most usurious practices and institutions of Capitalism such as banking, stock exchange and paper money have been blissfully endorsed as islamic while issues like halal sausage and woman scarf were scrutinized with great seriousness. The relationship between the two seemingly separate events was nevertheless remarkably related: the more foods with halal logo and hijab-clad women were out there, the more Riba intruded the muslim lands. 

Malaysia in particular has become a model of such islamic development whose symbolic picture could be - "woman covered from top to toe, driving hire-purchased car, living in mortgaged house and shopping in supermarket with three credit cards in her bag". Men on both sides of the political spectrum in the country were proud and happy: "you see, we managed to have both, Islam and Capitalism, Malaysia boleh!"

But one day a man from a far land came, walked right into the center and cried out: "Riba corrupted every aspect of your life! This is not Islam, this is another religion!" When the stunned public asked if there were a solution, the man answered: "Of course there is. What is Halal is surely possible. We have our model, Islamic model. Our money is Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham. Our leaders are Sultans who collect Zakat in it and protect the poor". Many didn't understand but a few firlmy trusted the man, Umar Ibrahim Vadillo.

That was 20 years ago. Seeds sown then by Shaykh Umar didn't die. Day after day mukminun of Nusantara were watering them with love and patience. And today there are hundreds of thousands across the region who declare: "Banks and paper money have to go from our lives!" Muslims in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines use shariah currency in their daily lives taking the side of Allah and His Messenger in the war against Riba.

And this year, 2012, the Dinar Revolution is taking on a new dimension as three islamic rulers in Nusantara have come forward to state: "WE WILL SERVE OUR PEOPLE NOT THE BANKERS".  On the 4th January Sultan Bantilan Muhammad Muizzuddin II of the Sultanate of Sulu in southern Phillipines announced the Dinar and Dirham would be the official currency of his nation. Soon after that historic event on the 28th January Sultan Sepuh XIV of the Sultanate of Cirebon in West Java, proclaimed in his palace that he would mint dinar and dirham under his name and collect Zakat in it. And on the 21st April Sultan Mudaffar Sjah II of the Sultanate of Ternate in eastern Indonesia, publicly declared the introduction of Halal money in the kingdom. "Sultan of Ternate perhaps is the last sultan in the region who has preserved significant political power, and recognition of his authority by the people is so natural that I haven't seen anything like that in Malaysia or elsewhere.  First time I met Sultan of Ternate was 10 years ago when I presented to him the book "Sultaniyah" by Shaykh Abdalqadir As-Sufi, the book outlined the role and duties of the Muslim ruler, among the obligations of sultan minting of the coins and collecting Zakat were primal. Ten years went by but now the sultan is ready and we are ready to make it happen" - says Chairman of Muamalah Council, Hj Umar Azmon.
These sultans of Nusantara are the first Islamic monarchs in the modern history to re-introduce the Shariah currency and restore the fallen pillar of Islam, Zakat. The three sultans have agreed to mint their coins under the international standard of the World Islamic Mint, thus making gold dinar de-facto an international currency. Inter-exchangeable 1:1 gold dinars and silver dirhams of Cirebon, Ternate, Sulu and of course Kelantan will not only activate trade and investment in the region but also integrate the Muslims of Nusantara. In a month time the three sultans will gather together to launch the return of the Shariah Currency to the land of Nusantara. On that day Capitalism will shrink by half in the world of meanings for when the light comes darkness dissapears.
There will be public announcement made on the time and venue of this greatest event as many from all over the world would like to witness the proclamation of the Deen that has not been made for more than a hundred years.
May Allah bless the Sultans of Cirebon, Sulu and Ternate. May Allah bless people of Nusantara.

Sultan of Cirebon and Shaykh Umar Vadillo

Sultan of Ternate declares introduction of Gold Dinar

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