Friday, June 14, 2013

The Prayer of Ibnu Abbas R.A

We would like to dedicate this excellenet prayer-doa from the Prophet s.a.w related by Companion Ibn Abbas ( in as-Shifa p.41) to all those who seek knowledge and truth in order to live according to the Divine Command and in the footsteps of Rasul al-Mustafa :

“Oh Allah, I ask You for mercy from You
By which my heart will be guided, 
My scattered affairs joined together,
My affairs put straight,
 my unseen part put right,
And part of me that is visible elevated,
My actions purified, 
by which I will be inspired
To right guidance, 
my intimacy will be returned ,
And by which I will be
 proctected from every evil,

Oh Allah ! I ask You for good outcome 
In the Decree (Qadha’), 
(to gain) the food of Martyrs
The life of the blissful and
 victory over my enemies!”

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