Thursday, March 28, 2013

You Are Like Whirl Wind

At the beginning of the new millennium, 
the Sage for the first time ran public ads 
under its own name. Itton Rifki.
Bet Shintaro. Matso Dossax. Zhuqixin.

"The Way is open. 
Not to everyone. 
Not to many. 
Maybe to you," borrow from Master Hakuin.

read the slogan in the Sage's campaign for

 "the job of your life."

To Print Paper Currencies
To Create Digital Money
To Issue Credit Cards
To Loan Millions Billions
Trillions of Toxic Assets
To Delude Leaders and Bankers
To  Hide Precious Metals
To Instigate Wars and Chaos
To Wear False Names and Bodies
Fire Without Weapons
Water Without Drinks
Air Without Oxygen
Land Without Passports
Virtual Heroes and Robots....
You Are An Anarch !

Live in the Forest of Dunya
Meditate in Mountain of Marifa
Refresh One Self in Zam Zam Spring 
Do Business Like Whirl Winds....

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