Monday, July 22, 2013

Who Is A Modernist Muslim ?

How do you recognize a modernist? Every alim and Islamic group who explicitly or tacitly does not want to eliminate the constitutions. The ones who do not recognize the constitutions as being haram; are the same who do not say the Central Banks are haram, National Debt is haram or fiat money is haram. This omission of the modernists explains the state of our affairs.

The constitutions of course they are secular. That means the State and religion are separated. In the West it means the State does not support religion; in the Muslims lands that are dominated by modernist ideology means that Islam is deprived of its political and economic morality. That is to say, the elimination of Muamalat as a legal code and as a model. What is implied is that Islam does not have an economic and political model. Instead the attempt was to Islamise democracy and capitalism. A good example to understand this is to read the constitution of Pakistan.

I do not want to forget that Constitutions have installed the power to governments to tax other than Islam there is no tax other than Zakat. And today under the new constitutionalist models Zakat has been eliminated, transformed into welfare charity and given to wrongful recipients.

2. You are connecting political colonization to economic colonization: could you please explain how the fall of the Islamic Khalifate had a huge economic impact?

When the colonial powers granted independence to the new Muslim States they left a gift behind: the constitutions. Every constitution guaranteed the preservation of capitalism through the Central Banks, the National Debt and the Law of legal tender. This model ensured the hegemony of the West by means of their financial supremacy. This could have never been possible without the tacit support of the modernist Islamic groups who altered the definition of Riba and diminished the gravity of its prohibition; they turned an ultra-liberal approach to Riba and in some cases the attempt was purely criminal through the Islamization of capitalism, while they obsessively focused their puritan fervour on the personal morality which centred around women, and their dress code in particular.

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