Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shaykh Umar Vadillo at Sulu Sultanate 2012 Maulid Celebration

Preface : Allah is great. From Andalus (Spain) the former kafir colonialist of Phillipines, came another fighter/helper (Sh.Umar from Basque, Spain) with iman, islam and ihsan to fully revive the Deen of Allah in the Nusantara again. From the small, remotest islands...the light will spread.

- 18 Rabbiyul Awal 1433 /11 February 2012 – Today, the Tausug Citizens are celebrating the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) called “PagMaulud or Maulidur Rasul”. The event is currently held at Capitol Hills.

Maulud Banner of SSDI.
The event is also jointly celebrated with the reintroduction of the ancient currency of Sulu Archipelago under the Sulu Sultanate as part of world’s Dar Al-Islam. This even has been practice by the Tausug since the dawn of Islam in Sulu Archipelago.

The PagMaulud event has been widely disseminated in the entire Sulu Archipelago most particularly in the State of Jolo Island, after Puntukan Mantiri or Prime Minister Datu Habib Sattiya Amilhassan and the State of Jolo Island Minister cum Minister General on Economic Planning and Development Datu Hadji Julmari bin Waning roaming around Sulu Archipelago.

Tausug Citizens
The Tausug Citizens are with their high hopes that peace and development would be realized as the Sultaniyah Sulu Darul Islam de a facto government will begin to use Dinar and Dirham as country’s currency. This currency was known collectively called as PILAK, regardless of Gold Dinar is known as Dublun and Silver Dirham as Pilak.

Despite of the current tumult, The Tausug citizens are remained intact and continuously condemning any form of violence. The event started at 6:30 in the morning until evening, as it was opened with the parade from the Astana of Sultan Bantilan Muizzuddin II to the Capitol Hills.

Datu Shaykh Prof. Dr. Umar Ibrahim Vadillo with flag of Sultaniyah Sulu Darul Islam
When interviewed Sultan Bantilan Muhammad Muizzuddin II is very much thankful to the arrival of the foreign guests that the celebration of Maulidur Rasul is the month of the reintroduction of the ancient currency in Sulu Archipelago:

Dayang Suzana Vadillo meeting Tausug Citizens with Pangyan Sultan Bantilan II.
“I am grateful to the foreign visitors here today, it is not just that they are bringing the light to our country but a hope to every Tausug to keep their pledge to uphold the sanctity of their pride being Muslim led by Prophet Muhammad (saw). I cannot hold to my tears when our ancient currency, Pilak is now being used again in our little island-country.

“Thank you to Datu Shaykh Dr. Prof Umar Ibrahim Vadillo and other foreign guests. They are right now a Tausug as they have step-off their feet and have gulped the water in the Sulu Darul Islam, the country of where neither ethnic and nor religious boundaries are found but with the set of rules.”

The party of Dinar and Dirham giving speech to the Tausug Citizens.
“Thank you also that the Philippines is gradually withdrawing their de facto rule here as the Tausug Citizens are also welcome the diplomatic relationship with them after having asked them to withdraw from the territory of our country, SSDI. The Filipinos could either be remained as Filipino Citizen or become Tausug Citizens, but they are welcome with the set of rules.”

Reports: TGM Staff Jolo
Photo Credit: Asree Sug

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