Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Cirebon Discourse

La hawlawala quwata ilabilLah. Power belongs to Allah swt. There is no power except by Him.
Reason is a prison. To submit to Allah swt is not by saying, 'I do what I can.' That is submission to yourself.

Submission to Allah swt is 'To do what He tells you to do.' You submit even if you do not understand.

Establish the 'amal because you love Allah swt. Rasul (saw) taught us tauhid and 'amal from Madinah alMunawwara. The 10,000 people of Madinah was a proof of Allah's mercy.
Establishment of mu'amalat is not limited by our means. Allah gives the means.

Our dzikr is not the dzikr of dinar. Our dzikr is 'Allah'. It is not enough that we hate what is haram, our task is to establish the halal. Trust in Allah totally, bring the dinar and establish the mu'amalat wherever we are.

When we have attained success, we prostrate, istighfar and turn to taubah.
La ghaliba ilaAllah.

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