Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Muslimah Sister Jung Chuang From Taiwan

Note: May Allah bless her with the sweetness of iman, perfection of ihsan and reward of islam in this world and next....

As a norm, invited several participants from various member organizations to attend Islamic held at (IIUM). Among the participants who took part in our last was Sis Chuang, Jung, better known as Lo’ Lo’, a from Republic of China. She is a rare convert from to join the course.

During a one-month course, held in October, Sis Lo’ Lo’ , 24, a graduate of Arabic language from National Chengchi University, , came to Malaysia with full commitment to learn more about Islamic teachings especially Qur’an reading, daily prayer, fasting and Haj. She also interested in animal slaughtering as prescribed by . She was an outstanding participant with self-confidence, cheerful and of course studious. She is interested to learn more on Al Qur’an and hadith.

It is interesting to note here that while she was a third year student at the university, Sis Lo’ Lo’ took the time to attend a one-year Arabic language course in Syria, when asked why, she said that was the way to pick up Arabic language faster and more effectively when you learned from the native speakers. After a year in Syria, she returned to Taiwan to continue her final year and of course she did well with excellent result in examination. Her achievement stunned her classmates.

When asked what made her to become a Muslimah, Sis Chuang Jung said that while in Syria mingling around with Muslim friends she was always curious to see how observed their religious rites especially the daily prayer at mosque and the way they believe in One God. She was impressed by the way pray to their God. To her, such practices are very simple and felt that something in her mind guided her towards the right path and to believe in One God. Then she started reading about Islam and discussed the matters with friends. To her, Muslim friends and Islamic literatures were the source of inspiration for her to believe in Oneness of God. With the Grace of Allah (swt) and her powerful mind, she made a decision to embrace Islam and declared herself a Muslimah. She was confused and excited at the beginning of her life as a Muslimah, but soon she can cope with the new situation and found peace at last.

Back home, she explained the matters to her parents who are non-Muslims with respect and love. Her parents accepted her explanations and respected her right in choosing her own religious belief and the way of life. They live together as a happy family in Taipei, Taiwan.

Being a Muslmah, she continues to study and conduct a research on Islam particularly on the Unity of God (Tawhid), Hadith, Fiqh, Qur’an reading and history of Islam. She promised to attend RISEAP course again in the future, if invited, Insha Allah.