Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ramadhan and The Alarm Bells of Mordenism

I would put it like this: that the Muslim is dynamic, is active in relation to existence - and the kafir in fact is passive. The Muslim is constructive in relation to existence and the kafir is destructive. From where did this come? Because at the heart of the Muslim's condition is that he is locked into a system, as I said a very complicated system, which is the glorification of Allah swt, and looked at the intricacy of it: there are five fard prayers; there is a number of nawafil prayers; there are prayers for the dua; there are prayers for the night; there are prayers for the funeral; there are prayers for the rain - each has its procedure, each has its rhythm - there are times where you may not pray; there are times when you must pray.

It all is a very sophisticated system and the Muslim takes it with him in the most ordinary way. But it means he is active! Because, and this is all again by the modernists who have really gone a long way to destroying Islam in our time, for example: the time of prayer is not by a clock - the time of prayer is not by a clock! - the time of prayer is by the sky!

Rasul s.a.w has explained it himself! Allah has, he said, has put the sun and the moon in the sky to be a measure for you of the time of salat. You're plugged into a cosmic time system which is existential, which you see with your eye and you verify. Fajr is because of the line that delineates, the thread that delineates that first hint of the sun is on the way and you have that, from that delineation, until the point where the sun is about to appear - that is the time of fajr and subh. And, it's second that time: and then the minute the sun rises, then you can not - you can nót make up fajr. It's gone! (They must be done) In its time: prayers are in appointed times. There is no such thing as making up a prayer. So that, what is the fajr and what is the magrib, is magrib is also on a time frame. But that time frame is by verification. It is by verification, not by a clock.

Ramadan is not by "27 minutes passed" and "23 minutes passed" and so on. This is not Islam. This is another invention of mankind. It is by verification of the magrib, and then the adhan and the breaking of the fast. The sighting of the moon, all of these things, are existential: they are by verification, and in the case of that, it's by verification with amal. It is not a democratic thing of everyone going onto the beach and looking for the moon. The correct shariat of that is: two witnesses have to identify the moon within the domain that is to go under the rule of Ramadan.

They have to then go before a qadi and the qadi verifies the character, like character references: they've got to be sound; they've not to be crazy; they've not to be people who be emotionally disturbed and make up a story. Once they have that ijaza, then that goes to the amir. And the amir takes the confirmation from the witnesses and the authorizing qadi, and then he gives the authority, gives the order, for Ramadan. Now, that only, to my knowledge, is performed now by the king of Morocco."

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