Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Haji Abdul Halim Chua, Haji Abdul Rahim Pui

Macma pusat pada tahun 2010 telah menerima kunjungan delegasi Macma Kelantan diketuai oleh Pengerusi Hj.Abdul Halim Chua untuk membantu projek penyelidikan USM peringkat Ph.D mengenai peranakan Cina Kelantan dan dakwah islamiah.


  1. You who have iman! if any of you renounce your deen,

    Allah will bring forward a people whom He loves and who love Him,

    humble to the muminun, fierce to the kafirun,

    who do jihad in the Way of Allah and do not fear the blame of any censurer.

    That is the unbounded favour of Allah which He gives to whoever He wills.

    Allah is Boundless, All-Knowing.

    Your friend is only Allah and His Messenger and those who have iman:

    those who establish salat and pay zakat, and bow.

    As for those who make Allah their friend, and His Messenger and those who have iman:

    it is the party of Allah who are victorious! (5:54-56)

    It is in the nature of the Qur’an that Allah ta’ala never issues a warning without balancing it out with some good news and in these ayats, which directly follow on from those quoted in the first khutba, He prescribes the exact remedy for the sickness he has described in the preceding passage. In them He tells us exactly what is necessary if the situation which confronts us as Muslims in the world today is to be put right. Allah outlines four qualities which must be embodied by the people who undertake the task of re-establishing His deen. To start with it is evident that fresh blood is needed, a brand new and vital energy. The old guard have abdicated their responsibility and proved unequal to the task. Allah makes it clear that a new generation of Muslims is required who are free of the shackles and restraints of those who came before.