Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Soldier, Worker, Rebel and Anarch : Ernst Junger's Meditation

" It is not just that nation states 
have become divorced from 
their ethnic make up, but also 
they have become entwined 
with the processes of globalism, 

which seeks to undermine any sovereignty, 
any border, any group, in favor of the free flow 
of capital and the global market-place".

1. The Anarch is not the enemy of power
or authority, but he does not seek them.
Because he does not need them
to become who he is.

2. A true chameleon, the Anarch adapts
to all things, bcos nothing reaches him.
He is in service of history while being beyond it.
He lived in all times at once, present,past
and future.

3. The Rebel carries on in secret- he hides
in the shadows- while the Anarch remains
in plain sight. Finally, whereas the Rebel
is banished by society, the Anarch banished
himself. He is not excluded; he is emancipated.

4. The more we dedicate ourselves to change,
the more we must be intimately persuaded that
behind it hides a calm being.

5. Whereas the anarchist want to abolish power
the anarch is content to break all ties to it.

6. In Eumeswil, the hero no longer needs to
resort to the forest to remain untouched by
the ambivalent nihilism. It is enough for him
to have reached an elevation (in society) that
allow him to observe everything from a distance
without needing to move away.

7. The incredible encircelment of man was prepared
long ago by the theories that aim at giving a flawless
logical explanation of the world and that march in 
lockstep with the development of technology. If the Rebel
chooses marginalization, it is above all to guard
against the forces of destruction, to break the encirclement.

8. Can we not merely preserve, but strengthen the
roots which still cling to the prime depths of Being ?
This is the essential question of our time.


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