Monday, January 20, 2014

Look-Read-Understand With Tawhid and Furqan

As Muslims we have to review the realm of events not once, but twice. Or rather, we must first look with the eye of Tawhid and then we must look with the eye of Furqan. If we do not approach the matter with the gravity and at the same time the illumination that comes from the light of Tawhid, we will fail in the subsequent discrimination.

However shocking and distressing the matter may be to us, we must recognise that the event is by Allah. With Allah there is no injustice. Allah has set up existence by an intricate pattern of laws which never cease to function at any given moment. All living creatures perform, bounded by those natural laws that Allah has programmed into them. 

The organisation of the termitiary and the beehive are well known to us. Also the laws by which, when the higher organisms collapse, lower organisms take over. While an animal is alive, it carries in its blood and tissue living micro‑organisms. When it is hunted and killed, it is then hung. During that time these micro-organisms die which might infect the human. If the carcass is allowed to hang, new micro-organisms come to life which can be nutritious and give taste.

It is only with the human species that there is, among the kuffar, the great illusion. The great illusion is that man can do what he likes. The truth, which is clearly laid out in the Qur’an, is that the human creatures live under a charge from Allah, glory be to Him. They have a beyond-time contract which they are called upon to fulfil in the in-time.

Allah the Exalted has said in Surat Al-A‘raf (7:172):

Thus from the mighty and majestic summit of the mountains of what may be and can be thought about Allah, glory be to Him, and the working-out of His Divine Contract with the sons of Adam – there is no doubt that from that position everything that is happening in the Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Syria, Iran, Iraq, and the United Arab Emirates lies under the powerful reproach and the inescapable warning of Allah, the Lord of the Universe, and from this viewpoint the Muslims of the Emirates should be more afraid and more ashamed than the people of Lebanon, cowering under their cedar trees, bombarded by an alien people who want to live exactly the same kind of life as they had up until two weeks ago been living themselves.

Having grasped the situation with the Qur’anic perspective, it then obliges us to discriminate as best we can through the smoke and the fire and the blood and the suffering of children. Let us first look at the protagonists of the struggle before examining the wider setting of the so-called World Community which is nowhere either a political or a legal reality.

As the scenario has been concocted, the first shots fired, as it were, involved the taking of one miserable little Israeli soldier in Gaza. This took place in the epicentre of Palestine. The ‘Ummah have long been assailed with the version of events which, using the PLO’s vocabulary, presented an occupied community of Muslims struggling for their ‘just national rights’. The language was that of Nasserite socialism, and the cause was national freedom. This, at the very point that the national state had ceased to exist, de facto and de jure. Nevertheless, there was the added outrage that their land had been stolen from them in a brutal terrorist operation watched helplessly by the rest of the world.

Up until the first Lebanon crisis, all the activities of the Palestinians, although named terrorism, could be claimed as the extreme measures forced on an oppressed people. During the Israeli incursion into Lebanon, Hamas fighters were for a time trapped in the frontier zone, hosted by Hizbollah. It was on their return to Palestine that their fight against Israel took on a new element. This was suicide-bombing. Despite Qur’anic injunctions, despite quite terrifying Hadith warning against suicide, despite the Ijma’ of all the people of the Sunna, we were asked to accept this unacceptable alteration in the unalterable Law of the Shari‘at. The practice was easily identifiable as Isma‘ili, and, from these same Lebanese mountains, it had been used to terrify the Muslims and the christians once before in history. The Isma‘ili are, of course, a branch of the Shi‘a religion. The propaganda that came out from the region offered us a picture of the Palestinian and Lebanese Muslims fighting the admittedly dreadful Israeli enemy. Things were not so simple.

Early in 2006 we invited the Mufti of Jerusalem and the Mufti of Nablus to attend our Islamic Conference in Cape Town. The Mufti of Jerusalem, apprised of the news that we intended to ask from him a fatwa denouncing suicide bombing, cancelled his visit at the last minute. The Mufti of Nablus informed us that neither of them could make such a Fatwa, for they would certainly be killed by Hamas. He further said that if the Mufti of Jerusalem, who is highly respected by his people, were to make such a Fatwa, the people would follow him. Reflection on the matter forced us to a distressing conclusion. The ghastly performance of the Hamas election, the American, sloganised baseball caps, the pseudo-military outfits of the women, the unnerving similarity between their social persona and that of Hizbollah and Tehran – all these seem to indicate that certainly the leadership, and almost certainly the teaching apparatus inside Palestine, had become Shi‘a. This perception was regrettably confirmed in the recent parades in Palestine at which the Lebanese Shi‘a leaders’ portraits were brandished aloft by the hysterical crowd.

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