Sunday, January 13, 2013

Usury capitalism statism: our enemy and freedom

That was the first indication that the Deen itself had been obscured by political malpractice. It explained the dominance of Mustafa Kemal and Ibn Saud, both, who had crossed over to the other side, making the forbidden permitted.

It took me half a century to see it all clearly, so cleverly had we been duped. Still I moved in a world where rich Muslims seemed not to have the slightest qualm about banks, interest, kafir corporate law and worthless tokens of debt‐receipt called currency. The world ‘price’ of gold was translated into numbers on a daily basis by a money‐lender in London.

As the enormity of the crime and greed of the post‐Wahhabi governors of the Muslim world collapsed in its last phase, the Muslim youth, driven to desperation, swung from the one extreme to the other.

They called for Shari‘at, and that meant strict puritanical obsession with covering women in black bags and imposing a powerful political leadership. With the dialectic that the Muslims were corrupt, meaning Saudi‐based Americanism, they veered to the Shi‘a anti‐Islamic view that all the ‘Muslim regimes’ were kafir.

Soon the Isma‘ili doctrines of suicide revenge became the modern translation of Jihad fisabilillah. From Rabat to Jakarta the cry went up for ‘Shari‘at’. The licensed killing of innocent Muslims living ‘inside’ capitalism was instituted. Ironically, the leader of the rebellion, the old man hiding in the Himalayas, got all his money from his father’s oil‐dollars!

The uprising, after forty years of submission to dictatorship in the Arab world, is presented as a ‘Revolution’ on world media, but power has not changed hands and wealth has not changed hands. It takes only a degree of calm to recognise that what has been happening in Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen is precisely that same uprising of the masses in Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Britain. Penniless mobs informed that they are in debt by billions.

No‐one, not one kafir intellectual has grasped that the mechanism of their disaster is not a breakdown of a system, but the logical and mathematically inevitable completion of its programme. It is a process of expropriation, seizing lands, commodities and peoples. The expropriators are an oligarchic class comprising bankers, media and corporation chiefs, its servants are the under‐class of politicians.

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