Saturday, December 8, 2012

Why Hamas or Fatah Is Wrong and Make Palestinians Suffer ?

The best commentary yet on Gaza. Sometimes the Truth is bitter.
Dear Palestinians, Why don't you surrender, shun Shi'a Hamas and their other shi'a alliance, as well as the maafia-based Fatah so that you will conclude this half a century conflict fast with lesser casualties? Then the Kaffir Jew who is not afraid of your bombs will be terrified of your demographics. 

They are already clapping because your Shi'a leaders have divided you and are killing all your yo
uth by sending them to suicide. The mafia-based Fatah have utterly failed in bringing any benefit to the Muslims and both of them leading the Muslims are only too eager to Islamise the model of the Kaffir Capitalist State, in case there is any kind of victory over land and territory. 

They both do not mention Allah's name except as a habitual war cry over the wrong cause. Or why don't you at least make hijrah? It is a noble thing to accept defeat and surrender. Your fight will be more resounding if it is through the womb of your women. This fight is useless and you are all only making us worried for a losing battle in which Allah's name is not mentioned. We can only destroy Israel by hitting hard against capitalism. 

If there is anything we should boycott, it is the US dollar and all the central banks, not Coke. In that way Israel will not last 24 hours. We do not want you to think like slaves crying all the time, "Look Poor Us, they are beating us, it is painful." We are not slaves.

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