Sunday, November 11, 2012

Part 2: Lahore Future Ummah Capital....

On the west is Afghanistan. Further up north, Kazakhstan has already taken it up. The new coins are being minted in Kazakhstan. We ask Allah that this spreads to the people all over the subcontinent. Today, Shaykh Umar is in Karachi. There he will also visit the politicians, leaders and universities.

The kuffar may have removed Gaddafi because he was on the verge of demanding gold for oil and working towards the African Union. Erbakan of Turkey pledged to establish the Dinar and Dirham and export the resources of Turkey in exchange for dinars. He was removed from his post. The kuffar may disallow this. But they cannot stop people from choosing their own currency. They cannot stop a nation of 200 million Muslims in Indonesia if they choose the dinar and dirham as their medium of exchange. They cannot stop 180 million Muslims in Pakistan and 20 million in Kazakhstan and 20 million in Malaysia from choosing their means of exchange as the Dinar and the Dirham. When this spreads to India, it will be more than another 300 million Muslims. No kafir government can stop this.

Shaykh Umar said the movement now is at its early stage and there are immense rewards from Allah in joining to work together in the establishment of the shari’ah. When this matter is well established in the future, more people will come and join the movement then but the rewards will not be the same. This is what Allah mentions in the Quran in Surah al-Hadeed, verse 10:

“And what aileth you that ye expend not in the way of Allah, when Allahs shall be the inheritance of the heavens and the earth! Those among you who expended and fought before the victory shall not be held equal They are mightier in rank than those who expended and fought afterwards; Unto each hath Allah promised good; and Allah is of whatsoever ye work Aware” 
May Allah bless Shaykh Umar and his work and increase him in light and gnosis. May Allah open the gates of India and Pakistan for the Dinar and Dirham to be established and for the oppressed people to regain justice in their possessions and their exchange. May Allah destroy the kuffar and make them blind them.
Hasbullah Shafi’iy

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