Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Finding You Always

Wherever we set foot,
it was Your street.

Whatever corner we turned,
it was Your name in the air.

We said, ‘Surely there must be a road
leading elsewhere?’

But every road we found, it led to You'

-Isma`il Anqarawi

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  1. Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala, ties Iman (trust) and ‘Aml (work) together throughout the blessed and noble Book, but ‘Aml, is always qualified by the word ‘Salih’. These two words are completely unambiguous, ‘Aml being action or work and Salih meaning good, incorrupt, honest, virtuous, sound and in good order.

    Iman and ‘Amilu Salihat translate directly into the two pillars of Salah and Zakah as the foundation of the life of the Muslim and from them all good proceeds. It is as if, without this manifestation, the spring of life remains hidden within the mountain and does not burst forth and flow with its life-giving nourishment.

    This bi-directional existence of the Muslim, one exclusively to his Lord, the other to his fellow man marks him out among the generality and he becomes a locus of sincerity, worshipping his Master because it is His due and working for his nation because it is their due.

    This bring us to chinese word/meaning of TE - Virtue...a character consist of Ren (man to man), offerings/food/action and hsin/heart that is close to amal salih/taqwa...